How to Create cPanel in WHM

Creating Cpanel Accounts on your Reseller account

Thank you for purchasing a reseller with us!

You have just purchased your reseller hosting and you are on your way to creating Cpanel accounts. It is recommended to configure a hosting package prior to creating a new cPanel account in WHM.

Follow the steps stated in this link to create a package

Once the package has been created, you can proceed to create a cPanel account

In WHM, navigate to the Create a New Account menu in Account Functions.
Fill in the required details and choose appropriate settings

Here is a brief outline of the settings you will need to fill.

Domain Information

Enter the domain name you want to create an account for, set a username and password for it,and enter the email address to be associated with the account.


In WHM, you are allowed to create packages and the resources for each package, this makes it easier to assign cpanel accounts. Each package can have its
features you want enabled/disabled for your customers on that package. This option allows you to choose from any of the created packages


The boxes in this field have already been filled, this is where yiu can change your Cpanel theme to your liking and switch between the languages. You can choose
the language of your choice

Mail Routing Settings

You can choose any of the mail settings depending on how you wish to configure emails for this account

DNS Settings

As a white-label service, you can use your personal nameservers. What you need to do is provide us with your nameservers, and we will point it to our IP
address and you can start using them. Alternatively, you can decide to use our our nameservers stated below

Click the Create button below

You just created your first cPanel account as a reseller.