WP Toolkit Lite vs WP Toolkit Deluxe: A Feature Comparison

What is WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is a cPanel-integrated WordPress management solution with an all-extensive yet easy-to-use interface that lets you install, configure, secure, and manage all your WordPress sites. WordPress Toolkit introduced many advanced management options which come in two versions: free WordPress Toolkit Lite and premium WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, which requires a paid license.

WordPress Toolkit Lite

WordPress Toolkit Lite is a free WordPress management enabled within cPanel. It offers many advanced tools(A WordPress site management dashboard and a set of tools to install, connect and configure individual sites) not found in the old WordPress Manager.

It allows the customization of new installations, a single interface for the administration of all WordPress sites, the possibility of accessing the administration dashboard of any site with a single click, the management of plugins and themes, automated security changes, automated single site updates and many other useful features.

Here are some of the most useful features that will be available for free in the WordPress Toolkit

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With this dashboard, you can perform different operations on all websites at the same time. WordPress Toolkit dashboard manages all your WordPress sites through an easy-to-use interface. It also displays current updates and security status along with many other features.


This allows admins and users to sign in directly to WordPress sites with a single click without having to enter a WordPress website username and password.

Customizable Installation

This option allows cPanel users to install new WordPress sites in seconds, and each site can be customized before installation. Customization options include installation path, website title, administrator details, database name and password, and auto-update settings.

Automatic Single Site Updates

Automatic Single Site Updates change automatic update settings for WordPress sites and their themes and plugins from cPanel. It ensures your website is always safe from hackers when core updates on plugins and themes are automated on all WordPress websites.

Automatic Security Hardening

Security enhancements, limited access to sensitive files, disabling pingbacks, setting security keys and more are automatically applied on a website upon installation with the use of WordPress Toolkit Lite.

Scan for Websites

WordPress Toolkit Lite provides seamless integration and scanning of previously installed WordPress websites

Debug Management

You can enable an advanced maintenance mode, disable search engine crawling, and enable password protection in the same interface, it also enables WordPress debugging modes from the site dashboard

Installation of Plug-in and Theme Sets

This feature allows you to easily create blogs, WooCommerce stores, etc by installing default plugins and themes when installing a site.

WordPress Toolkit Lite offers an amazing collection of tools that make life easier for site owners and resellers who manage multiple WordPress sites.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is a paid upgrade from the lite version which extends and improves the security and update features of the Lite version. In addition to automatic security enforcement, WordPress Toolkit Deluxe allows users to scan sites and selectively apply security enforcement settings to multiple sites at once. Developers and administrators who manage many sites have at their disposal powerful additional tools to many multiple sites.

Here are some of the most useful features that will be available in the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

Site Cloning

You can clone (make an exact copy of) an existing WordPress installation with a click. This can be useful when developing or testing a new theme, plugin, or site design. Files and databases are automatically copied, configuration files are updated, and you can quickly access the new site on a subdomain. This is very useful for testing changes, without affecting a production website.

Site Staging

While the cloning feature is great for testing, changes can now be applied quickly in production. The Copy Data tool can copy parts of a staging site to a production site in minutes. What was once a complex and risky process can now be accomplished with just a few clicks in the WPToolkit interface.

Smart Updates

Smart Update lets you test an update without actually affecting the site. Smart Update does this by creating a full clone of the website, running a series of preliminary checks, updating the cloned website, and running the checks again to see if the update breaks anything. The results include before and after screens that you can compare to make an informed decision on whether or not to update your production site.

Security Rollback

WordPress Toolkit can apply several changes that significantly increase the security of your sites. However, if any of these changes break a site's functionality, it can be undone with a single click.

Apply Changes in bulk

The Deluxe version allows you to apply changes to multiple sites at the same time. For example, you can perform updates, change security settings or install plugins.

These are features available in WordPress Toolkit Lite and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and our system administrators will be happy to help you.