How to Install a WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress Theme

To create a website that matches your brand and looks professional, you need to install and activate a WordPress theme.

You can install a WordPress theme using the WordPress directory, download it manually, or use an FTP client.

1. Install Using the WordPress Theme Directory

Follow these steps if you are going to use a free theme:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard,
  • Locate Appearance and click Themes.
  • Next, click the Add New button at the top of the page.
  • Hover above your theme of choice to start the installation process
  • You can get a preview of your website using the theme by clicking the Live Preview button.
  • Click Activate to use the theme
  • Visit the site to see how everything looks.

2. Install Through Downloading WordPress Themes

If you purchased a theme from a developer, you need to upload before installing. Follow the steps below to upload and install a theme.

  • Download the theme’s .zip file to your local computer.
  • Log into your WordPress dashboard,
  • Locate Appearance and click Themes.
  • Click the Upload Theme button at the top of the page to upload a theme you have previously downloaded.
  • Click Choose File.
  • Select your theme’s .zip file on your computer
  • Click Install Now and wait for the uploading process to complete.
  • Click Activate to use the theme straight away

3. Installing a WordPress Theme via FTP

A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that allows file exchange between computers and servers on a network.

  • Open Filezilla, enter your login details and click Quickconnect. Follow the steps in this guide to connect via FTP if you are not familiar with this process.
  • Unzip the theme file first.
  • Inside Filezilla, search for wp-content inside your WordPress directory, and open it.
  • Go to the themes folder.
  • Click the folder containing the template files.
  • Drag and drop it into the themes folder. Your new theme will appear on the list of WordPress themes.
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard,
  • Locate Appearance and then click Themes
  • Search for your new theme on the list of installed themes.
  • Click Activate.
  • Check out how you like your new site design.

A WordPress theme gives a consistent design to a WordPress site while maintaining its core features. Consider your site type, compatibility, and budget before installing a theme.