Countries with Potential Service Restrictions

United States Export restriction laws restrict a few countries.

For instance, our top providers Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, and Linode, are all based in the United States, and their laws also apply to our servers, no matter the data center location. We can not guarantee that you will be able to view your websites on our servers without a VPN for these countries or another non-sanctioned country.

In addition, we don't issue a free SSL certificate for:

SS South Sudan
AF Afghanistan
SD Sudan
North Cyprus
ZW Zimbabwe
LR Liberia
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
CU Cuba
GN Guinea
ER Eritrea
SY Syrian Arab Republic
SL Sierra Leone
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of

Make sure that you keep in mind what we mentioned above if you're a resident of these countries. To ensure the best services for your sites, we recommend that you pursue local providers.

The United States export laws and regulations operate to restrict the access and use of controlled information, technology, and goods, for reasons of protection of trade or national security.

Regulations that limit the export of technology and goods out of the country have been around ever since the 1940s. However, attention to the control of export has been heightened in recent years as a result of intensified concerns about leaks of United States technology to foreign competitors, drug trafficking, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security.

In general, the regulations for export control cover four types of activities:

Controlled information transfers, such as technical data to entities and persons that are located outside of the United States;

Shipment of physical items that are controlled, including scientific equipment to a foreign country, from the United States;

Visual, electronic, written, or verbal disclosures of controlled technical and scientific information related to export items that are controlled to foreign nationals in the United States. The term for this transfer is a "deemed export" due to the fact that the transfer is "deemed" to be to the country where the person is a citizen or a resident.

Travel to specific embargoed or sanctioned countries for the purposes of performing research or teaching. 

To determine whether or not a license is required, you must answer the following questions. The first question is what is the item. The second question is where it is going. The third question is who is receiving it. And lastly, the fourth question is how it will be used. If a person has a technology or project that is export controlled and needs a license to proceed, they must restrain the activity until a review to see if an exclusion or exception applies or if a license is required. Also, make sure that you note that "deemed" exports also might be in need of a license as well.