.NG Restricted Domains

Some domains are reserved or restricted by the.NG registry (NIRA). This is due to the fact that the registry reserves the right to restrict domain names that may NOT be available for registration or can be withdrawn if registered already. Find below some of the cases this applies to.

Restricted Names: These are domains that could pertain to government, military, ministry or other bodies. The application of these domains(
.gov.ng, .edu.ng, .net.ng, etc) will be rejected if not sent from relevant bodies/entities

Premium Names: These domains are high-quality domains that command premium value and could only be made available to registrants at a more expensive rate

Geonames: Some domain names are restricted due to geographical locations, industrial
for business reasons, may require certain documentation in order to establish the legitimacy of the registrant. meaning only certain individuals or groups can register them. Nira determines and rejects the registration of these domains, this list contains names of geographical locations within the local, state and federal government

Offensive Names: These are domains that are outrightly offensive to the Nigerian community and then the global community. Nira determines such domains and rejects requests for registration for such domains.