Difference Between Managed Cloud Server and Reseller Hosting

In today’s modern business world, a website is one of the most critical assets an organization can own. If you are thinking of starting your own business website, a lot of things have to be put into consideration including purchasing the right web hosting service well suited to your needs. A good web hosting is a mix of several different things(high page load speed, good customers)

As a good business owner, you are confronted with the dilemma of the type of hosting(Shared, Reseller, Managed cloud server, etc) to choose. Let us understand what Reseller Hosting and Managed cloud servers are.

What is a Managed Cloud Server?

A managed cloud server is web hosting option that comes fully with

As a company or an individual, you may choose to go with a managed cloud server to free up time, the time spent on managing a server can now be spent on more crucial and business-critical tasks.

Why Should You Choose a Managed Cloud Server?

You should choose a managed cloud server if you need more control over your server. A managed cloud server is for someone who is an expert at server management. If you make a mistake on a managed cloud server, you can cause the server to crash leading to your site/application going offline.

Advantages of Managed Cloud Server

  • Full control
  • Easy to scale and upgrade
  • Secure and powerful
  • More Customization and Control over server resources
  • Easy scalability

Disadvantages of Managed Cloud Server

A managed cloud server is not without its drawbacks.

  • Cost more money upfront.
  • Improper Resource Allocation

While the Managed Cloud Server option gives your business the highest degree of functionality and the most room for growth, the choice ultimately rests upon what do you need.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting packages allow you to become a host without the hassle of setting up servers or investing in hardware and software. What you are simply doing is renting a storage space and bandwidth from your hosting company and selling them as yours to other users. The space rented provides these users with a hosting location for their website. Reseller hosting usually comes with a WHM management tool control panel which controls, secures and manages the cPanel accounts residing in the reseller panel

If you are thinking of starting your own web designing/development firm or a Reseller business then Reseller Hosting is the best choice. With Reseller Hosting you can rent out portions of your web hosting to different customers.

Why Should You Choose a Reseller Hosting Account?

You should choose a reseller hosting account if you are a new business owner who does not understand server management. With reseller hosting our team of experts manages the server that your websites are hosted on. Usually, a reseller hosting account is a good place to start because you can upgrade to a managed cloud server at any time. A fresh start-up should always go for reseller hosting.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • No technical knowledge is required to rent your server resources to their businesses
  • Affordable, budget-friendly and easy to upgrade
  • Customized control panel
  • Easy to manage all customer websites with a single control panel(WHM)

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Sharing server resources via reseller hosting come with some challenges:

  • The resources could be drained by an account which could slow down the server thereby affecting other accounts
  • No access to the server
  • You need to go through your hosting service provider to make changes due to limited access

Reseller Hosting is for those who solely want to run a reselling business.. On the other hand, if you’re into web designing or development, or are thinking about migrating your existing website to a new hosting type due to high traffic, then the managed cloud server is recommended.