Brotli Compression

If you are looking for ways to make your website load faster, you need to turn on brotli compression. When a data is compressed, it becomes small and delivers faster. You can speed up page load times for your visitor’s HTTPS traffic by applying Brotli compression.

Brotli is one of the best compression tools primarily used by web servers and content delivery networks to compress HTTP content which makes websites load faster. It is designed to compress streams on the fly, it is faster at both compressing content on the server and decompressing it in the browser. When Brotli is turned on, it tells your web server to compress your data before sending it to a browser

How do I enable Brotli?
To Enable Brotli Compression in cPanel, follow the steps below

  • Log into cPanel
  • Scroll down to Software
  • Click Select PHP Version
  • Tick the box in front of Brotli, and it saves automatically

Brotli is a general-purpose lossless compression algorithm that boasts faster compression times and greater compression of webpages. It is open-source, free to use, and compatible with most modern web servers and browsers.