Hosting With Verpex, What you Should Expect

Frequently Asked Questions On Hosting Accounts

Do you manage the backup for my website and create a backup twice a day?

Yes, we are managing the backup of your account and the backup is done twice daily

Are your backups or Partial Backups?

We have full and partial backups in the cPanel, the steps to generate a full backup is stated in the link below

Will you be able to fully restore the website if something goes wrong?

Should anything happen, your website can be restored fully with the help of JetBackup5

How long do you retain Backups?

Backups are kept for 30 days

Can I restore the backup myself or do I need you to create my own?

The JetBackup 5 allows you to restore your backup yourself anytime you wish to

What is the difference between the backup that you make twice per day and the backup that I can do via the cPanel?

The backups are the same, both backups are taken from your cPanel account

When persons visit the website for the first time, they are getting the message website is not secure, what can I do to ensure that they are visiting a secure and trusted website?

You need to install an SSL certificate on your website to have a secure website. The steps on how to install SSL on your website is stated below

Can you explain how you can and will assist when a website crashes?

When and how it happened is our priority, this will enable us to know the backup to restore and other fixes to be done on the website. If the issue persists, you will need to contact a web developer or if it is a WordPress site.

How is the website maintenance carried out?

On a daily basis, software, hardware, vulnerability, MYSQL, CloudLinux paths and cPanel updates are carried out on our servers without a reboot. However, if we have to carry out any maintenance that includes some downtime, we schedule in advance and update our status page