Email Overview

At Verpex we provide unlimited email accounts with every shared and reseller hosting plan on cPanel.

The emails use the standard IMAP/POP protocol for incoming mail, and SMTP for outgoing mail. That means you can configure your email accounts on all major mail clients and mobile devices. We also provide webmail.

The key connection details are:

Webmail Link

webmail.[] or []/webmail

You can also use the webserver hostname

Incoming and Outgoing Mailserver Names


You can also use your web server hostname

Email account username

Your full email address (e.g. [email protected][])

Email account password

As set in cPanel

Incoming Mailserver settings

SSL On, Port 993 (This should be the default!)

Outgoing Mailserver settings

SSL On, Port 465 (This should be the default!)

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