Managing Disk Usage

If you want to see more detail of your disk usage, you should click on the icon that says Disk Space Usage. Otherwise, you can use the cPanel statistics panel to see the total of your disk space usage.

The usage is broken down into several categories by the Disk Space Usage section, and this way, you can efficiently manage your space. You can look into specific folders in the web space.


Reasons for Increased Disk Usage

When talking about unexpectedly increased usage of disk space, there are reasons that are commonly blamed. These include the following:

E-mails – The account usage also includes e-mails. If you receive a large amount of spam, you have a default e-mail address on all of your messages that are kept on a server; this can take up disk space on your account. Also, you should remember that e-mails that can be found in your Trash folder use up disk space. Make sure that you empty the folder Trash if you have a lot of e-mails there, so you can clear up the space that you need.

Website Error Logs – Website error logs are usually files with an error_log name and are created because of a website PHP error, as well as enabled logging details of the reason for the error will be included in the log, or you can go to PHP Selector and disable logging in the PHP options.

Cache Files – Cache files can be created by the software. In theory, these cache files should be removed, but sometimes they are not. Cache files are another thing that should be regularly cleaned since they can unnecessarily take up a lot of space.

Software Website Backups – Software website backups are backups that your software takes, such as WordPress, and they are typically configured in a plugin. Your entire cPanel account is regularly backed up by us, so there is no need to take this. We suggest that you store your backups else if you want to take your own backups.

Log Files – Log files let you monitor the activity of your hosting while you’re away, and they are useful in that way; however, there is no reason for them to remain on the server. Once you have reviewed and downloaded the disk files, you can free up disk space by removing the log files from your server.

Unused Installation – Another reason for increased disk usage can be unused and old installations. Keeping these files on a server doesn’t have a point. These files don’t serve the needs of your website and only eat up the disk space, so make sure that you get rid of them.

You can use the cPanel FTP or File Manager once you have found the cause of the increased disk usage and clear the source. If the cause is e-mails, then you should use Mail Client or Webmail to clean it up.