How can I set Nameservers on my Domain?

Nameservers point your domain name to a set of servers that handle your website DNS records. Every domain name has at least two, and up to eight nameservers.

Changing your nameservers is easy and can be done from your Verpex client area. Please note, that if you did not purchase your domain from us, we do not have control over your domain as such you need to contact your domain provider to change your nameservers.

Step 1: Log into your verpex client account
Step 2: Click Products&services
Step 3: Click manage product under the domain name you wish to change nameservers to
Step 4: Click the manage button to update nameservers
Step 5: Manually enter your preferred nameservers
Step 6: Click update nameservers and exercise patience for the changes to take effect, it takes 24 hours more or less.

By default, domains registered with us maintain our default nameservers

Every hosting package with Verpex uses the above nameservers. You can also interchangeably use our white-label nameservers or your custom DNS for any reseller plans.