Local and Remote Mail Exchanger in cPanel

Local and remote mail exchanger are options for the MX Entry for a domain in cPanel. It tells cPanel how you would like the mail services for the domain to be handled

The recommended option is “Automatically Detect Configuration” unless you have a specific setup that needs these explicitly stated.

Local Mail Exchanger
The Local Mail Exchanger setting causes the server to always accept mail for the domain, It manages all mails sent from the server to the domain locally. The system will deliver mail to the local mailbox instead of a remote mail service. Also, choose this option if your hosting provider deleted the domain’s DNS zone. You can use this option if the highest priority MX record points to an IP on the local server. The system will deliver to your local server mailbox.

If your site uses Verpex Hosting name servers and you are experiencing problems with e-mail, you can manually select this setting from Cpanel » Email » Email Routing to help troubleshoot the configuration.

Remote Mail Exchanger
The Remote Mail Exchanger setting causes the server to never accept mail for the domain.
It manages all mails sent to your domain remotely and delivers them to the mail service determined by the domain’s MX record. (For example, if Google is your mail service, it will deliver the emails to the mailbox on Google's servers rather than your local mailbox.)

The system assigns the lowest priority value to servers with this setting. This option can be used to point your emails to a different email server.

Please note that you must configure the primary MX record to point to the appropriate exchanger for this to work, Use this if there are no MX records that point to an IP on the server. Follow these steps to know how to edit MX . If your site does not use Verpex Hosting name servers, you must select this setting.

You can only choose between Local, Backup, and Remote Mail Exchanger in cPanel, you cannot use both