Can I Livestream Audio or Video?

No, we do not allow streaming audio/video content and proxy servers to be hosted on shared servers. Audio/video streaming requires a high level of resource usage (bandwidth and lots of I/O loads) to run smoothly on the server. Hosting a streaming content website (even a fairly small one) on the server can lead to unfair distribution of resources and even overload that will create difficulties for other people on the same server.

When you plan to host sites with media content, the managed cloud server can be a solution. The managed cloud server has enough resources to carry sites that do not create a very high load but give flexibility. For resource-intensive sites, we recommend ordering the Managed Cloud Server package. And this is why a dedicated server will be a better solution in the case of a popular site with interactive content and multimedia libraries. In any case, we strongly recommend that you roughly estimate the number of resources your site and applications will use by testing them, if possible, and then choosing an appropriate configuration server.

Unfortunately, video/audio streaming is not supported on our shared servers and we do not offer a dedicated hosting service. "Real" streaming requires a special service that transmits audio/video information in real-time. The reader on the visitor's computer interprets this data stream and displays it immediately. For this to work properly, you need a real streaming server.