How to Remove SSL From cPanel

How to Uninstall SSL

All sites/domains hosted by Verpex are automatically enrolled in the Auto SSL system - this is included free of charge with all hosting packages on Verpex. This means that as long as the domain points to us (via the nameservers or A record) the system will request an SSL for the domain and install it automatically if it doesn't already have one. This process is transparent and requires no intervention from you. If you are using a third-party SSL and you do not want to use the SSL that comes pre installed in the cPanel, you can follow the steps below to remove it from your domain/s

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Go to the "SSL/TLS Status" section in cPanel.

There you will see the list of all the domains and subdomains in cPanel along with their SSL certificates.

  1. You can select the domains in the list and click "Exclude Domains From AutoSSL"

You have just successfully removed the free SSL enabled on your account