How can I give Access to my Developer?

Your web developer requests you to give them access to your web hosting account so they can work on your website. You need to be careful about who you give access to and what level of access you give them. Your developer does not need to have access to your Verpex customer account. Give your developer just enough access to strictly do what they need to do. When considering sharing access to your cPanel hosting account with your developer, the level of access depends on the level of control you want to offer. There are several ways to give them access to your website. Different types of websites require different types of access

Developer Access Levels

This access provides full access to your hosting plan, billing information, and personal financial data. You should never give a third-party developer access to your customer account. You can easily take care of the activities in your client area and an overview of how to do this is stated here

This is important to note because if you want to provide full access for website development purposes to your developer, it would just be a matter of sharing the Cpanel username and password. This allows them full access to the website files for the website via Cpanel or FTP. In addition, they will have access to database utilities for database administration and modification purposes.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access allows your developer to access files on your server. It is often used to upload, download or edit files or even install WordPress plugins. FTP access varies from one FTP account to another. You can create an FTP account that gives access to only part of a website or an FTP account that gives access to everything on your site. If you want to grant limited access to your developer, we recommend that you DO NOT grant them access to the Cpanel. You can provide the temporary URL for FTP access so they can manipulate your website files. You can also create FTP accounts in your Cpanel and even set file limits. Please refer to our guide on How to Create FTP Accounts.

You can also allow your developer to manipulate the database files remotely (using a database client such as phpMyAdmin or other third-party solutions), but you must configure MySQL access. The main limitation of this type of access is that they could not create databases. With a remote database, they will be able to connect to your database remotely. For this, you will need to provide them with the database username and password. In case they ask you for access to phpMyAdmin, you will need to provide them with access to your cPanel account. You can still create a new database user for the developer.

If your developer just needs to work on a content management system(CMS) site, they can only request the credentials to access the software itself and NOT the user credentials used to access the server/cPanel. These credentials only allow access to commands and tools within the same site, with no direct access to files, databases, or servers. For small changes, like updating a theme or adding an article, that's all your developer will need. In this case, you just need to create a new user in your CMS for the developer. Add a WordPress user for the WordPress Content Movement Service.

If you do not trust your web developer enough, you can ask them to send you the necessary files and instructions and upload the files yourself.

If you granted your developer access to your website through Cpanel, remember to remove access to your site or account when your developer is finished.

If you have created FTP accounts for your developer, change the cPanel password and delete the FTP accounts using Cpanel's FTP Account Manager.
Changing the Cpanel password is also the main FTP password for the account. This is true even if you have not explicitly granted FTP access to your developer.
If you created Remote MySQL connections to allow your developer to access remote databases, simply delete the connection you created in remote MySQL in Cpanel.
Be sure to check the email section in case you have created email accounts that need to be deleted. If you want to keep the email account active, please change your email account password to cPanel. If your developer received your customer account login information, reset your password or you added your developer as the second point of contact, remove the developer information from your account.
If you created a WordPress user for your developer, change the user's role to one without access to edit the site or delete the user.

That's all! Now you know how to provide secure access to your web developer.