Can I oversell on my Reseller Plan?

We often get questions about offering unlimited reseller hosting with our reseller packages. Yes, we allow overselling on all our reseller hosting packages. What this means is that you can offer your customers up to 500GB disk space and bandwidth.

Overselling means offering more resources than the allocated resources on your account. You are allowed to sell much more than the coomon amount of disk space and unlimited bandwidth to your customers and you still have great uptime and fast servers at your fingertips.

Overselling to your customers boosts your hosting revenue, you are allowed to sell multiple hosting plans and manage your plans seamlessly.

In order to offer unlimited web hosting, you'll have to create a new package inside your Web Host Manager(WHM). Because of the way Web Host Manager is designed, you will need to enter a number in the bandwidth field even if you wish to offer unlimited there is a complete guide to walk you through the setup.

It's our goal at Verpex to provide you with the best high-speed reseller hosting in the world. Our packages are loaded with features you need to be successful in the web hosting industry.

Our reseller hosting is a hosting service that allows businesses and individuals to rent space from us. We then manage the technical aspects of the hosting service, providing technical support and ensuring the software and hardware are up to date.