My Website has been Compromised

A compromised website affects your business and your customers. If your website has been breached, make sure to fix it soon to minimize the damage this would have caused to your brand.

Run a malware scan on your device and in your hosting account using our immunify 360
Change all passwords across all devices, CMS(WordPress Joomla, etc) and logins(Cpanel, client area, email account, FTP, database, etc) and ensure you use a strong password
Enable 2-factor authentication
Trace back your actions to know how the compromise came back it might be through a new installation of a plugin/theme or a new upload of a file.
Reset your .htaccess file
Install a security plugin like sucuri
Update outdated plugins, and CMSP, ensure they are all up to date

Ensure this is not a one-time cleanup as you need to always secure your website at all times to prevent any breach.

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