Reseller Hosting Server Specification

We use high performance hardware throughout our entire hosting setup. This includes servers with NVME disks, 128GB + RAM, and AMD EPYC CPUs.

Regardless of which of our locations you choose to host your reseller account, we set up servers identically. This is because we manage our deployment centrally. One of our key USPs at Verpex is that we can deploy our hosting stack to essentially any location.


All servers with Verpex are whitelabel. We use both hostnames and default nameservers that do not refer to Verpex and you will not find any mentions of Verpex anywhere. Even if you upgrade individual sites to dedicated servers, these will remain whitelabel.


We provide the ability free of charge for you to add custom nameservers - this allows you to brand the nameservers you use for your and your client websites.

DNS is Anycast - which makes it really resilient and fast. You can use one set of nameservers even if you have multiple reseller accounts (or servers) with Verpex.

cPanel and WHM

We provide the market leading cPanel control panel, with WHM (Web Host Manager) as a reseller interface for you to manage your client websites. This lets you create accounts, set feature lists, add and remove packages and so on. You can preview WHM at


We run CloudLinux which is a fork of the linux operating system that allows us to essentially isolate each cPanel account. Some other providers call this 'Cloud Hosting'. Each cPanel account is limited in the amount of RAM and CPU usage it can have, but the server as a whole has a huge capacity and phenomenal hardware performance.

On our standard resellers, we limit each cPanel to 2GB RAM and 2 vCPUs. On our Premium Reseller you can use up to 4GB RAM per cPanel account, and you can set lower limits if you wish.

You can read more about our CloudLinux Limits.

LiteSpeed WebServer

We run the LiteSpeed Webserver on all shared and reseller servers. This gives performance advantages and also lets you run the LSCache WordPress plugin


Softaculous is a software installer that lets you install over 300 types of software, including WordPress.