How many Visitors can your Hosting Support?

Web servers are very powerful machines, each one capable of handling hundreds, even thousands of websites. While there is no straight answer to the question of how many visitors our hosting can support, you can expect Verpex to ensure a safe environment for at least 3000-4000 visitors daily translating to 100,000 or more on a monthly basis with proper optimisation(cache and maybe a CDN like Cloudflare). And these are just the values, for the entry-level plan, choosing the Gold plan for shared hosting or the Expert plan for managed WordPress plan can raise the bar 2x–4x times.

Verpex does not place a limit on the number of visitors or amount of traffic your site can handle. How many visitors your site can handle depends on how efficient your site is if it's properly optimized, your page size, and the type of site you're running.

Each site is different and the amount of traffic you can handle will depend on the resources each visitor is using. An efficiently coded website that uses few resources per visitor would be able to support a large number of visitors, while a poorly coded website can only support a few simultaneous visitors. The number of visitors your site can support is largely determined by how your site is coded.

A website that relies heavily on PHP / MySQL which isn't optimized may only be able to handle a few thousand visitors per day. This is because a site which serves content dynamically and relies on using PHP to access a database to serve each request will have more overhead and require more resources for each visitor. This can be avoided by properly optimizing the site, including utilizing caching, tweaking your database queries, and following other best practices for the type of site you're running.

You can easily scale up If you are looking for more resources., The best solution for handling a huge number of visitors is undoubtedly the Managed Cloud server because of its enhanced scalability, We at Vepex give you so much resources and support that you may never have to upgrade. Pair that up with some amazingly low price rates with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Quick-response 24/7 live chat support and assistance whenever you need help. Our ultimate goal is to keep your website fast and functional regardless of the traffic.