Your Hosting Account has been Compromised

If your hosting service has been compromised, it does not necessarily mean your Verpex account has been accessed by a third party.

Your account is compromised when you noticed strange content on your website
Spam emails are being sent out from any of your email accounts( if you noticed outgoing spam from your mailbox, please contact us to prevent suspension on your account as this is against our terms of service)
Suspicious login activity to your hosting account.

We recommend the following to resolve the compromise on your account

  • Reset your password not only for your cPanel but all login access to your cPanel, your webmail access, your CMS (WordPress, Joomla,etc) access, your verpex account access and the devices used in accessing your cPanel
  • Scan using immunify360
  • Update outdated plugins and themes
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

You can contact our support team if you noticed any unauthorized activity on your account.