How to Create an Index Page

The index page, also known as a site's main website, is the URL or local file that is automatically loaded when you start a web browser and click the browser's "Home" button. When creating your index page, you must use one of the following names.


Creating an index page is a useful solution to create a Website coming soon page with your email address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.

Steps to Configure a custom index.html file

  • Log into your Hosting cPanel.
  • In the Files section, click File Manager
  • Locate the current index.html file in the public_html folder and click the Edit button.
  • If the index file does not exist, Click the + File button at the top of the page to create a new file.
  • Type index.html in the New File Name field and click the Create new file button
  • Select the newly created index.html file and click Edit.
  • You can insert text, change fonts, sizes, colors, upload images, insert hyperlinks, etc. for example ‘We are currently performing maintenance’.
  • Once you have created the index.html file the way you want, just click Save in the top left corner.
  • Return to the browser and reload the page to view the changes you just made.

Go visit your domain name in a browser and you should see your new page. Make sure you have the index page in your public_html directory, otherwise your site will not display correctly in the browser.

Make sure you have the index page in your public_html directory, otherwise, your site will not be shown in the browser correctly.