Premium Domain Names

A premium domain name is a domain that has high quality, and that is bought and sold with the aim of making a profit. Some of the factors that indicate whether or a domain name is premium or not are the following:

Brevity – It can be really hard to remember an overly long domain name. In addition, domain names that contain punctuation can be forgotten due to the fact they are complex. For a domain name to be memorable, it needs to be concise. For this reason, premium domain names usually have one or two words in them.

Trustworthy TLD – At the end of the domain, you will find a string of characters that is the top-level domain (TLD). A domain name that is premium will have a good top-level domain that won’t decrease your chances of reaching potential customers.

Generic value – Domain names that have truly generic names have proven to be the most valuable. A name that is generic manages to increase the demand thanks to the appeal it has for the whole industry, as well as it adds value to the whole process.

Contains high domain authority and keywords – Domain names can help in SEO and running a successful website.

The price of the domain will be confirmed after the purchase has been initiated, even if the domain you found is available. Wen, it comes to premium domain names, TLDs are charging different rates. If the domain name you have picked is a premium domain and you’re not willing to pay the premium rate, you will be refunded, or you won’t be charged the original purchase price.

The reason for this is that TLD’s now operate this way, and when it comes to premiums, they want as much money as they can get. TLD’s are the ones that determine what the cost will be for a certain domain and what makes a premium name, outside of the fixed prices that you can see on our site.

Premium domain names can be put up for sale either by the Registries or their existing owners. The pricing and the purchase process are what differentiate the two. Existing owners that sell domains usually have a one-time purchase fee, and their maintenance cost isn’t different from the usual cost for other domains with the same extension. When you purchase a domain name from an existing owner, a deal with the current owner is made, and they provide the domain to your account with no extra action needed from your side.

On the other hand, registry premiums are typically new domains that the Registry selects as premiums due to their potential for popularity and high value. In addition, premiums you get from the Registry have special pricing not only to acquire them but also to transfer and renew them. However, the difference between the two types of premiums can often be blurry since Registry premiums are often put for sale by their current owners.