Using Gmail with your Verpex Web Hosting

If you wish to use your personal or business emails with Gmail, there are a couple ways that you can achieve this. We explain these below, but if you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Setting up an email forwarder from our server to your Gmail address. The first method involves setting up a forwarder in your cPanel with us, to forward to your address. The biggest downside with this, is it involves another 'mail hop' and as such there is the possibility that Gmail will mark legitimate forwarded emails as spam. There's not much we can do about this, since the filtering occurs on Gmail's side.

Once you’ve set up the mail forwarder in cPanel under 'Forwarders', you can head over to the Settings tab in Gmail -> click See all settings -> click on Accounts and Import -> click on Send mail as: [Add another email address]

Next, a series of screens to setup your mailbox will show up. First, you will need to enter your name, and e-mail address with us, the server hostname, port 465 with SSL and then click on Add Account. Then you will be sent a verification code to your mailbox with us at Verpex, check your mailbox and enter the verification code, then click Verify.

  1. Checking your mailbox via POP3. Gmail has the ability to check an external mailbox for messages and download them using POP3. The messages will appear in your Gmail account as if they were delivered directly there. The only downside using this method is that emails can come through more slowly than if you were accessing the mailbox directly. Gmail usually checks and downloads messages every 15 minutes. However, there is a much smaller chance of Gmail blocking or missing messages that it thinks might be "spam" with this method.

From the same screen as in the previous method, this time you click on "Check mail from other accounts: [Add a mail account]”. Then enter your e-mail address with us and enable the option for POP3. POP server is you server hostname, port 995 and SSL always on.

Once that’s done, you will get the option to choose whether you wish to send e-mail as this address or not. If you choose Yes you will be prompted to also do the above step Send mail as: , and if you choose No you will only be able to see incoming e-mails.