Overview of .NG Domain

What is a .ng domain?

The .NG domain extension is a unique identity and country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the country Nigeria on the internet. It is great and gives credibility to businesses(local and international) looking to expand their brand in Nigeria.

.NG domains include and are not limited to .ng, .com.ng, .org.ng(for Nigerian non-profits),, .edu.ng(for Nigerian tertiary academic institutions), .gov.ng(for various tiers of government in Nigeria), .mobi.ng(for mobile websites) and many more. Each variation is used according
to specific requirements, and some are open domains, while others are closed domains that can only be acquired with extra documentation

With a .NG domain name you will rank higher in local search results and in the hearts of the locals.

A .NG domain name is short, professional and memorable helping your website stand out in a sea of content online.