Email Limits

Webhosting email service included in cPanel is a popular email hosting, which allows you to send emails, and manage email accounts through webmail and email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird,, etc.) via SMTP/POP/IMAP protocols.cPanel email service provides you with 2 webmail interfaces, Horde and Roundcube. If you purchase one of our shared hosting plans, you will get cPanel email hosting by default.

Our shared hosting accounts have a maximum hourly limit of 100 emails which we may choose to change without notice. This means that no account can send more than 100 emails per hour. Setting hourly email sending limit for cPanel accounts prevents spammers/abusers from sending mass emails. Sending mass emails can lead to IP defamation. However, this limit is removed for managed cloud servers and cloud web hosting. This means that the domains of these accounts can send an unlimited number of emails per hour. While this sounds good, it can be bad if your account is hacked and used to send thousands of spam emails or if you have a client on your server who decides to spam. This can cause high CPU usage, slow server performance, and affect other legitimate emails attempting to leave the server.

Please note that bulk emailing is not allowed and we have strict zero tolerance for spam hosting providers. If we find a script that sends more than allowed, it will be disabled until you contact support. If you need to send multiple emails, you can purchase any independent email service like Mailchimp or madmimi for this purpose.

To keep systems healthy and accounts safe, Verpex limits the number of emails that can be sent within the hour.