How to Transfer my Hosting to Verpex

Transferring Your Hosting to Verpex

We are glad to have you on board. Having your website up and running is important for the majority of people transferring their hosting to us, At Verpex, we try as much as possible to avoid little or no downtime. To ease your migration to our servers, we would like to help you migrate your site and emails at no additional cost.

Before you place a transfer order, ensure you have access to the hosting account you wish to transfer to us and your account should abide by our TOS

  • Go to and order one of our hosting packages which suit your requirements. We recommend ordering the package that has equal or higher specifications with the hosting account you wish to transfer.

  • Once your package with Verpex is active and you have received your hosting account details via email, submit a support ticket with the old hosting account details and the account you want to migrate to.

A preview link will be given to you to check your website on our server after the migration has been completed. This is to confirm everything works fine before pointing your domain name to our server. Ensure that you have control of your domain to enable you to point your domain to your hosting account with us. The migration is completed within 24 hours