Do we Support Wildcard Subdomains

Yes, Verpex Hosting supports wildcard DNS for subdomains.

WildCard subdomains (same as WildCard DNS) allow you to point all the existing and non-existing subdomains to a specific file folder in your cPanel account. Wildcard subdomain is useful for multisite web applications (WordPress multisite), speed up propagation and if you want your subdomains to show the same content as your main website.

If a wildcard subdomain is enabled on your account, or will show the same content. A WildCard subdomain is specified by using an "" as part of a domain name, for example, If your main domain is, then the wildcard subdomain will be It is available only for domains whose DNS is hosted with us (pointed to our NameServers).

Follow these steps to create a WildCard subdomain

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • In the Domains section of the cPanel click Domains


  • Click Create A New Domain

Create a New Domain

  • In the box created for the subdomain, type an asterisk * symbol, signifying that you are creating a wildcard subdomain. Other fields will automatically generate a path for your wildcard subdomain. You can change the directory by typing the full path in the Document Root text box.
  • Click Submit. You will get a success message to confirm the subdomain was set up.

Wildcard subdomain

The record will be automatically added to your domain’s DNS entry after this has been done,


Zone Editor

You can then look up any properly formed subdomain and have it resolved, which might take a couple of hours to propagate. If the cPanel server does not manage the root domain's DNS, the wildcard subdomains' A record will have to be manually added to the DNS zone on the server that manages the root domain's DNS.