Getting Started As a Reseller

Is it possible to create separate cPanel accounts for my clients?
You can create separate cPanel accounts for your clients

Is it possible to have ssh access enabled for individual accounts upon request?
As a reseller you have the option to enable/disable ssh access for your customers, more information on how to do this is found HERE

How can I monitor the bandwidth usage of my accounts?
To monitor the bandwidth usage of your resold accounts, go to WHM -> View Bandwidth Usage

Do you offer control panel customization for resellers?
You can customize your control panel in whichever way you want, thanks to the white-label service we provide.

Am I responsible for my clients' content/behaviour on your servers?
Yes, you are responsible for what your customers upload on our servers.

What restrictions are there to reselling?
There are no restrictions to reselling, except for contents that are illegal or against our terms of service

Are all reseller hosting plans cloud-based?
Our servers are in the cloud. So yes, all reseller plans are cloud-based

Do you include litespeed and lscache?
We run on Litespeed servers which allows you to run the LSCache WordPress plugin

How can I create custom plans for each individual account?
You can get the step-by-step procedure to create custom plans for an individual account in this guide