What you Need to Know Before Registering a .NG Domain

FAQs for .ng

What is a .ng domain?
.NG is the country-code domain name system (ccTLD) for the country Nigeria.

How many years can you register .ng domain names?
.ng domain names can be registered for up to 5 years.

How long does it take to register .ng domain name?
Depending on the domain extension, it could take minutes or weeks. .edu.ng and .gov.ng domain registration require documentation and vetting. In the case of extra vetting, Verpex will contact the registrant.

How much does .ng domain name cost?
Prices for a .ng domain vary depending on the extension you want, domain name price starts from N999($ 0.99) to N10000($25) per year.

How can I get a .ng domain name?
To get a .ng domain name, you need to search for its availability on our website using the domain name search form. If the domain name is available you will be able to place an order and purchase it instantly.

How do I host my .ng domain name?
Your .ng domain name can be hosted on any hosting platform, whether it be our WordPress hosting or Managed Cloud Server

Can I hide my .ng registration information (domain privacy)?
No, you cannot hide the contact information of your .ng domain on WHOIS, all or partial information will be displayed in WHOIS.

Are some .ng domain names restricted?
Yes, some .ng domain names are restricted

Which registry manages .ng domain names?
Nira manages the registration of .ng domain names, you may visit them at http://www.nira.org.ng/

What is the grace period for a .ng domain name?
After the .ng domain name expires, it stays in the expired state for 60 days
After which it enters the redemption state immediately. The .ng domain name can be restored with an extra fee of $25 including the renewal fee in the redemption state. It stays in the redemption state for 28 days and enters the pending delete state, it stays in pending delete for 14 days and gets deleted from the system making it available for anyone who wishes to register.