Can we Enable Litespeed Crawler?

LiteSpeed Crawler is an integration of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin that can help speed up your website. The crawler goes through your website and updates the cached pages to reduce the waiting time for your visitors which saves significant bandwidth!

Additionally, with the crawler refreshing expired pages at regular intervals, the chances that a user will encounter an uncached page is significantly diminished. This makes for a faster site.

Crawler functionality is enabled or disabled at the server level, and its availability is controlled by us to reduce resource usage.

Litespeed Crawler is disabled by default and can only be enabled on our Ultimate reseller plan, this will keep usage restricted to those who truly want to use it and protect our servers from overload. If you want it enabled, you can contact our support and we will enable it on the requested domain.

LiteSpeed crawler functionality is pretty handy you minimize the number of times your users have to wait for WordPress to process dynamic pages, and you speed up your whole site!