Changing Your Main Domain

The main domain is the domain associated with your hosting account. It is designed for the account during the hosting account purchase but it could be changed later. A main domain name change might be required when the current main domain is expired or you wish to transfer it to another hosting account or maybe you simply want to attach your hosting package to a different domain name.

Yes, you can change the primary domain name associated with your hosting account, however the domain name itself once registered cannot be altered or changed.

Please pay attention to the following points before changing your domain name:

  • The domain name you want to host must be registered
  • The domain name must not be a trademark
  • The domain name must not be hosted on our servers and must not be added as an addon domain to your hosting account. If it has already been added, delete it.

There are some additional steps to be taken

  • All references to URL database, contacts and mailing lists, SSL certificates, Softaculous app installs and associated backups will not be reassigned from your old domain to your new one. They must be updated manually.

  • If you have a reseller hosting plan, private nameservers for the current domain name will not
    be transferred to the new one. You will need to register new private nameservers and repoint your resold domain names.

  • If you have WHMCS/Upmind installed for the current domain name, after the domain name change, a license reissue will be required

Feel free to contact our Support team by submitting a ticket from your Verpex client account to assist you with the process. When you contact us, you will need to provide your current domain name and the new domain name you wish to change to

Changing your domain name may break your website and we will not be held liable to resolve the errors that may arise after the domain name change