How to Link WHM Account to WHMCS

WHMCS offers an all-in-one billing and automation platform that automates every aspect of a web hosting business. Connecting WHM to WHMCS is straightforward. This is one of the final steps in getting your reseller business up and running. After ordering and installing WHMCS, the last step is to connect WHM to WHMCS. It will be easy to communicate for easy access from WHMCS, automatic cPanel creation, and synchronising packages, among other options.

In order for you to manage the provisioning of cPanel accounts on your reseller server and for clients to be able to order, pay for and have their accounts provisioned automatically, you will need to connect WHMCS to your WHM hosting account. You will need your welcome email details, including your hosting server name, hosting server IP address, assigned or custom nameservers and IP addresses, and WHM username and password.

Follow these Steps to Connect WHM to WHMCS

  • Log into WHMCS with your username and password.

  • From the drop-down list choose the Products/Services option

  • Click on Servers to proceed

  • Click the Add New Server button to add a new server to WHMCS

  • You will then be on the Servers page, fill out all the necessary fields as needed. The only required fields are Name, Hostname, IP Address, Type, and WHM username/password(everything else is optional).
    Name - this can be anything you want, but we suggest naming it to match the server name
    Hostname - is the WHM server name in your welcome email
    Primary & Secondary nameserver names & IP addresses - You can get this from the welcome email or your custom nameservers if they have been configured.
    Type - Choose cPanel from the drop-down list
    Username - This should be your WHM username
    Password - This should be your WHM password
    Secure - This must be ticked

  • After entering all the details click the red Test Connection button to verify that the settings are correct.

  • Click the Save Changes button.

  • You will return to the servers page and see a successful message. Now you know how to connect your WHM to WHMCS!