How can I Renew my Domain with Verpex?

Renew your domain at Verpex

Domains renew on yearly billing cycles. Domains are typically available for 1 to 10-year periods.

You must renew your domain to keep it. If you do not renew your domain, then it will drop back to general availability and others will be able to register it.

Domain registries offer up to 30 days grace period for late renewal of a domain name. However, it is imperative to renew a domain on or before the renewal date to prevent service disruption.

If set to auto-renew, we generate renewal invoices 21 days in advance of your domain’s expiry date. You can also manually renew your domains in advance. If you renew a domain before the expiry date, the extra period gets added to the end of the expiry date. This means you will not be penalised due to an early renewal.

The steps below will guide you through the renewal process:

Step 1: Log into your Verpex client account
Step 2: Click Products& services
Step 3: Click manage product under the domain name you wish to renew
Step 4: Go to Invoices, if there are no available invoices
Step 5: Scroll down to where you can find QUICK ACTIONS
Step 6: Click issue next invoice and proceed to make payment
Step 7: Proceed to generate an invoice and make payment

Depending on the TLD, you can renew for up to 10 years