Email Troubleshooting

Email is sort of like the “glue” that holds the Internet together, what do you do if the email is not working? Although very annoying, bounce emails can contain many clues about the problem with the email path and, in many cases, indicate the exact reason why the email could not be delivered. If you have received one yourself from a specific destination then do not overlook it, read through the information to see if you can spot anything useful. Likewise, if someone who emailed you received a bounce back and eliminated the problem at their end, try and get hold of the message so you can have a look. The bounce-back messages can be daunting and garbled at first sight but scan through them for sentences and error messages. If what follows doesn’t make any sense, then try googling for it or raising it with our support

If you are stuck and unable to send out and/or receive webmails or your emails are not even working as they should, then try out these steps to isolate a possible solution.

The first step to troubleshooting email delivery issues is figuring out where the issue is stemming from

  • When you get error messages like “ Failed Delivery or Problem Found - Message Not Sent.”Make sure you’re using the correct recipient email address.

  • If the error message you are receiving is actually a password prompt and your password does not work. If this happens, please reset your email account’s password within cPanel and test again. A password reset can be done by logging into your cPanel, navigating to the Email Accounts section and clicking the Change Password link next to the email account you wish to work on. Please note after too many sign-in attempts we may block your account for security reasons.

  • Make sure your MX records are set up correctly. Mail Exchange (MX) records route email from your domain to the servers that host your domain's user accounts. Your MX records must point to our mail servers before you can send and receive emails in your Verpex hosting account. If you have external MX records, the server may try to deliver your email locally on the server instead of delivering the email to the servers hosting your MX records. Please contact our support department what the correct settings are supposed to be, but if you want to check what the current live setting is for your domain, then go to

  • If you get an error, it's best to review the basic configuration of your email account in your email client. Please ensure that you are using the correct email client settings. You can check the authentication settings in your cPanel, and send yourself an email from and to your webmail, if it arrives in your webmail account then you need to check your email client configuration. You can reconfigure your mail client again and/or update your mail client to the latest version if it is not updated. If you think the problem is with the email client, the easiest way to test is to try again with another client. For example, if you are using Outlook, try sending/receiving again using Thunderbird or some other email app or service.

  • Sometimes, a full inbox can also prevent you from sending and receiving emails as well.

  • When people who try to email you receive a bounce-back message saying that “the recipient’s inbox is full”, the undeliverable mail contains a message about why it was returned. It means your mailbox is full and you need to delete emails to free up space or increase the mail quota. To increase the mail quota,, log into your cPanel and click the Email Accounts icon. A list of email accounts will appear, and next to each email account will be listed its quota and the amount of disk space that it is using. If it is over quota, delete the email to free up space or Click the Change Quota link next to the email account and increase the disk quota for that email account.

  • Be sure you aren’t blocking addresses you want to get emails from. If you have SpamAssassin enabled on your account, the emails you miss may have been identified as spam by SpamAssassin and have been deleted or moved to a spam folder. If you are receiving some but not all of your emails, this is most likely the culprit. If you have control over the receiving client, adjust the settings by lowering the spam threshold, adding the address to the permanent “allow” list, changing the settings, etc. If you do not have control over the receiving client, the best way to get a message across is to re-send using another email address. You might also want to check your Trash folder. It's always possible that you accidentally deleted the email you're looking for. If you don't receive any emails, we recommend that you continue to the next troubleshooting step.

  • One of the most common issues is users accidentally getting blocked by our server’s

  • firewall. There is no cause for alarm as this is very easy to fix, just contact our support team to whitelist your IP address. There are strict security measures that we have put in place to keep our clients safe and secure, but sometimes these strict settings report false positives and as a result, real people get blocked. Common signs of this being the case are if your whole office/location seems to be unable to send and receive mail, and possibly not able to view your website.

  • Check for account or domain issues, you are getting an error because your account is not active. Your account might have been suspended due to overdue payment or you got an email abuse from our abuse team that your email account was flagged for sending spam or any related abuse issue. If you think you were blocked accidentally, contact our support team to resolve this issue.

  • Your email account security may be at risk and malicious emails or viruses have penetrated your network and are sending out masses of spurious emails. You are getting complaints about spam coming from your email address, seeing a display name that's different from the one you set up or receiving emails from your own email address. You may need to add an SPF record to your DNS zone file, clean up your account, change all passwords associated with the email address(ensure you use a strong password) and also contact your network administrator immediately, a full network cleanup and audit is highly recommended.

  • If the error got is about being blacklisted, we don’t accept emails from senders who are on known blacklists. If the error is about being blocked, get the bounced back email to us. Then we can help troubleshoot it further. If your email is blocked or flagged as spam, it may be because the address has been added to a spam blacklist. There are many blacklists, you can check if your account is on a blacklist by entering your domain/IP address in the search box for If your IP address or domain is listed, most public blacklists provide a way remove the address.

  • Something as simple as an inactive internet connection could be the culprit Make sure you have an active internet connection, disconnect from the internet and reconnect. You might also have to manually reset your internet router, or even try using another device to check your email.

  • In some rare cases, our system administration team may migrate your account to another server. If you have received an email from us saying this happened, you will want to be sure you are accessing your webmail from the new server and not the old server. If you connect to webmail using, then this should not be a problem. If you connect to webmail using the server name, such as, we advise you to refer to the email sent to you for the new server name. For example, you may have been migrated from s531 server to the s592 server, in which case you would use

Other minute solution is to sign out of your email account and sign back in. The email size is too big, so you need to check the size of the email you are trying to send or there might be server issue which is totally unrelated to you.

Some errors are easy to diagnose while others require a bit of troubleshooting. If you are unable to fix your email issue with the fixes provided above or your specific problem is not addressed, contact support.