What is the Average Server Specification?

Our digital lives depend on servers, and they are everywhere. From small business servers that run networks of printers to network storage used to back up everyday files, servers are all around you. Of course, most servers are designed to allow only a few people to connect at a time, and they're not much more powerful than a desktop computer.

A server is a remote computer usually stored in a server data center. It's always on and connected to the internet via Gigabit Ethernet. It can be used to host a variety of services and applications to achieve business goals. Verpex provides customized, optimized and secure shared and dedicated servers. The server specification indicates the minimum server specification that will be available upon request.

Server load is generally difficult to predict, it is mainly due to visitor peaks, so it is difficult to determine the minimum configuration required. For your website, you will need server resources that can handle hundreds (or thousands) of connections simultaneously and do so without interruption indefinitely. We have different types of hosting and your server hardware specifications will depend on the type of hosting you have. Our specs for shared, reseller, and dedicated servers are listed below.

We provide these numbers for informational purposes only:

Our shared servers use AMD Ryzen EPYC processors with 128 - 512GB of RAM and NVME SSDs
For a Dedicated server, it is an AMD EPYC or an Intel Xeon processor, standard SSDs

Our hosting platform can provide sustained CPU and memory capacity for the application you want to run, especially the intensive startup process. The above values ​​are for the available hardware required to operate. If you need additional physical hardware required by your operating system and any other application running on the server, we recommend that you contact support for assistance in identifying the optimal configuration to meet your needs.

Selecting the right hosting package for the scale of your projects, with the right power and scalability, is key to keeping sites running quickly and consistently. However, each situation is unique and you may need more advice on which monthly plan best suits your needs. If you still have questions about which server to choose or are ready to start setting up your hosting environment, contact the Verpex team today. Our experienced and friendly staff are always ready to help.